Restaurant Review – in search of the Chinese flavor of Kim Ling

Tangra is rightly known as the China Town of Kolkata. The moment one enters the lanes, it is easy to figure out the reason. A food lover, specially that of authentic Chinese cuisines is spoilt for choices. Ever since I started exploring Kolkata restaurants, I have visited China Town multiple times and somehow Kim Ling became a personal favorite over the years. Over the New year weekend, it was close to 4 pm when we entered the restaurant for lunch.In no time, all the tables were full and the place was abuzz with activities. That goes to speak volumes about the popularity of this place amidst the old and new generation alike.

Part of the items ordered in Kim Ling

Ambiance –

The front area houses the bar and the family room is located on the back side. The seating arrangement is just average with the regular chairs and tables. There is just about minimum spacing between two tables. Nothing fancy about the lighting or the interiors as well. The cutlery used is also very basic. This is definitely not a place that scores very high on this parameter most probably because their success story has relied more on the delightful food and positive word of mouth for retaining and attracting customers.

Pepper Fish
Crispy Chicken

Food –

They have successfully managed to retain the variation in menu and the quality and taste of the food served. Also, they still have the options of ordering half or full plate for most of the dishes. For starters, we tried out the Chicken Hot & Sour Soup, Pepper Fish and Crispy Chicken. The soup had options of full, half or quarter bowl and tasted tangy and spicy. Pepper fish had diced fish garnished with cut onions and chilies and tasted delicious. Crispy chicken looked and tasted more like chicken nuggets. In beverages, we ordered a soft drink and a mango juice.  They have only canned juice available, not fresh ones. For the main course, we settled on Mixed Fried Rice, Mixed Chowmein, Half plate of Chicken Manchurian & Half plate of Lemon Chicken. Mixed fried rice & mixed chowmein had a mix of veggies, egg, prawn and chicken. Both the dishes had been cooked right without much excess oil. There is no half plate option for both the dishes.  Lemon chicken was basically diced chicken cooked in lemon sauce and tasted sweet yet tangy. Chicken Manchurian – the classic dish exceeded expectations in taste. The portions served for all the dishes was quite large. The  only drawback was that restaurant had no options of dessert.

Mixed Fried Rice
Lemon Chicken

Service –

Most of the staffs working are old school and senior. They are polite and professional. They recommend items only when asked for. This is not a place that gives the feeling of being warm welcomed by very friendly staff. Instead this is a place that goes about its business in the most efficient way, catering to every requirement related to food without getting personal or intrusive.

Mixed Chowmein

Price –

Considering the quality, quantity and taste of the food, the pricing is justified. It fills the stomach without burning a hole in the pocket.

Chicken Manchurian

Rating –

My rating across various parameters would be –

Ambiance – 3.5

Food – 5

Service – 3.5

Price – 4.5

Overall – 4.13

Mango juice and Thums Up

Conclusion –

Kim Ling is often considered as a favorite joint for family gatherings or friends meet up not just because of the amazing and tasty food but also because of the affordable pricing. Overall the experience lets one have a peek into the nostalgia of the bygone era of the city.

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