Toddler moments of joy – Saraswati Puja and Hathe Khori

Jaya Jaya Devi

Chara Chara Share

Kucho Jugo Shobhito

Mukta Hare

Beena Ranjito

Pustaka Haste

Bhagawati Bharati

Devi Namastute

Father passing on his knowledge of the significance of Saraswati Puja to his son

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The journey of a breastfeeding mother 

Written on August 3rd,2016. Updated as on September 14,2017

Since this is breastfeeding week, I thought it apt to share our breastfeeding journey. My son was born on 22nd sep 2015. I had an extremely complicated 2.5 hrs c section thanks to a horrible mess up by a junior anaesthetist. So while she tried spinal injection 7times on me, the end result was a delivery involving general anesthesia. Just to add the irony,my husband’s a doctor and he works in the Bangalore wing of the same hospital while I delivered my son in the Kolkata wing.
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Letter to my eighteen month old toddler

Dear Gogol,

As you turn 18 months today, I look back at the fond memories we created in the past 1.5 yrs. You know, I had an extremely difficult pregnancy with days spent in and out of hospital, continuous scary scans and continued morning sickness throughout. Remember I even slipped from steps at 8.5 mnths! Your Baba showed unusual resilience and strength throughout this period.
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