The journey of a breastfeeding mother 

Written on August 3rd,2016. Updated as on September 14,2017

Since this is breastfeeding week, I thought it apt to share our breastfeeding journey. My son was born on 22nd sep 2015. I had an extremely complicated 2.5 hrs c section thanks to a horrible mess up by a junior anaesthetist. So while she tried spinal injection 7times on me, the end result was a delivery involving general anesthesia. Just to add the irony,my husband’s a doctor and he works in the Bangalore wing of the same hospital while I delivered my son in the Kolkata wing.

Day 1- I was in so much pain that I could barely hold my son. Still my hubby insisted on trying to get my baby to latch on. I did and the extremely unfriendly nurse said-no milk. So my baby was immediately put on formula. Day 2-milk started leaking from my left breast. I tried feeding my baby. The dayshift nurse was quite helpful and she got my son to latch on. The night shift nurse insisted that I give formula because baby had low sugar count . Hubby had just gone back home after 2.5 days, so I decided to follow her advice. Day 3 -an irate husband informed the paed that baby was put on formula while breastfeeding should have been followed. Well the nurse had apparently informed paed that I was the one who refused since I felt  too weak to stay up. We tried breastfeeding on and off. I couldn’t get him to suck most of the times. Day 4- breastfeeding during the day with nurse’s help. I was  discharged in the evening after gynae completed his check up. I came back to dad’s place. My in laws had kindly agreed to stay on for few days since it would have been a little difficult for my dad to manage all by himself. My mom passed away in nov 2011 and I’m an only child. Problem began when we reached home and my baby started crying. I tried feeding and there was the biggest trouble- I couldn’t get him to latch on and he couldn’t suck. we tried formula and he refused. At one point, my fil felt that maybe it was colic pain and we decided to give him medicine. My hubby who, until then, was way too scared to hold the new born for more than 10secs stepped in and took charge. He rocked the baby trying to put him to sleep. But how could a hungry new born sleep! Whole night we stayed up trying the correct position to help him latch on . He kept searching on the net, on youtube and finally around 4am, my newborn could suck properly. My husband taught me how to breastfeed my baby.

There began the journey which will reach its second year next week as my son enters terrific two’s on 22nd September. My toddler, until his 5th month never slept through the night. He would stay up till 5 am and feed throughout the night. Due to such a complicated delivery, there were times when I felt like giving up on exclusive breastfeeding, when I couldn’t sit through anymore, my sciatica pain would make me cry and then I would go back reading pinned posts and other posts on a breastfeeding support group on Facebook. I would come back strong and inspired. Without my family’s support, specially my hubby, this sojourn wouldn’t have been possible. 6 months of ebf was the best thing I could have done and I am glad I did it.

24months and we are still going strong on breastfeeding. I have decided to follow baby led weaning and let my son decide the end of this journey.

Author: Sonia Chatterjee Banerjee

Who am I? Ex-Banker turned Blogger/Writer/Solopreneur. Any qualifications? A Post graduate degree in Chemistry followed by Post Graduate Diploma in Management. I am still trying to figure out how and when I can connect all these dots to what I do presently. Have I done any real work? If two years in Market Research and six years in Banking (three different Banks though) as Branch Head can be considered as real work. Where do I live? After a nomadic sixteen years in Delhi, Bangalore & Mysore, I am back to where it all started from - Kolkata. My favorite things - Food, travel, books and my two and half year old toddler son What is this blog about ? Sonia's musings is an attempt to channelize emotions through words and pictures hoping they touch a chord with my visitors.

10 thoughts on “The journey of a breastfeeding mother ”

  1. Hi Sonia. Your story is just like mine. I finally learned correct latching after first couple of weeks of my son’s life with the help of brest feeding clinic. Not to mention, i was constantly struggling with it and gave me a feeling of failure and rejection from my son. I used brest pump constsntly for hours to increase my milk production. Those days were extremely stressful. But to be honest, I almost forgot about it until I read your blog. To complete my story, it went all well at the end. I could brestfeed my son exclusively after 1 month without any suppliment until 6 months (though he was almost on me until his 1 year of age). I did brestfeed him until he was two years old. Now he is two and half and I am expecting my second one. I hope my second journey will not be as difficult as the first one.

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