A dollop of Bengal – from Chandni Chowk to China Town

When I mentioned ‘C’ being the letter of the day, my sexagenarian father announced – it is going to be either Cha (tea) or coffee. That is how addicted I’m to both these hot beverages – coffee for winter and tea for the whole year. But that’s for another day. From the legendary Coffee house on the paradise of book lovers – College Street (also known as Boi para), the royal Cooch Behar palace, the famous Chau Dance of Purulia to the historic Calcutta University established in 1857, I had quite a handful of options. But what made to the featured section today were two parts of Kolkata discovered during two entirely different phase – Chandni Chowk and China Town.

Chandni Chowk –

Chandni Market
Chandni Market from Sabir’s balcony

Situated in the central part of Kolkata, this place is primarily famous for two things – the gigantic Chandni market and old world restaurants. Chandni market is the hub for any kind of electronic items. From table lamps to cctv, everything is available here. The roadside hawker stalls as well as the shops have stocks of electronic items, specially Chinese ones that could give any conglomerate a run for money. Despite a booming e-commerce sector, the market has neither lost its charm nor appeal. However one definitely needs to brush up on their bargaining skills before venturing out to buy anything from here.

Sabir's special
Sabir’s special Mutton Rezala and Tandoori Roti

This area is also house to a lot of eateries – Sabir’s hotel being the most famous among them. Their vintage mutton rezala to be eaten with roti/Naan  is still irreplaceable.

China Town –

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Restaurant review -Why do we still like Sabir’s Hotel!

Chandni Chowk is that part of Kolkata which I would frequent during my Presidency College days. There’s nothing in electronics that one can’t get hold of in Chandni market. Looking at the crowd this Friday afternoon, I easily concluded that despite a booming e-commerce sector, the market had neither lost its charm nor appeal. Situated in one such lane is the age old Sabir’s Hotel. Way back in the seventies, when my father was a post graduate student in Calcutta University, this was a favorite eating out joint for them as well. No fine dining restaurant could get my husband so excited as going to this restaurant. That’s what Sabir’s stands for – a walk down memory lane.

First floor of Sabir’s

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