A dollop of Bengal – Yauatcha

Y could have been Yuva Bharati Stadium in Salt Lake famous for its sporting events or the Yellow taxi that has an old world charm about it. But this series is not just about bringing back nostalgia but also aims to provide the latest updates in the city. Hence the one that makes it to my featured post of the day is the fine-dining restaurant Yauatcha.

Yauatcha –

Yauatcha -Dumplings and Squid.jpg
Dumplings and Squid along with beverage

Located on 5th floor of Quest Mall in Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Yauatcha is the first Michelin star restaurant of the city. This restaurant with its origin in London had already opened branches in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore prior to its launch in Kolkata. It has a bar and dining area. There is also an enclosed area for private dining and private parties that can host around thirty people.

Ambiance –

Yauatcha - View
View of the sky from the restaurant

What makes an impact immediately on entering the restaurant is the minimalist ambiance. The cream, grey and black colors add to the mystery element associated with the dim and diffused lighting to create an exotic experience. The furnishings are upscale and stylish. The restaurant provides a gorgeous view of the Kolkata sky through its glass window walls.


Yauatcha -Fish Basil and Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken and Basil Fish with Mixed Fried Rice

Yauatcha is famous for the assortment of dumplings or dimsums it has to offer. From pan-fried, fried to steamed variety of dumplings, the restaurant has 50 different options in its menu. Chicken, Prawn and Crispy-duck are the must try items here. Each dish consists of three dumplings only. Other than dumplings, Squids are a preferred choice in starters. The vegetarians have the option of Asian – greens and Tofu items. Kung Pao Chicken and Basil fish are few of the best options in main course that can be eaten with fried rice or noodles. The next item on the menu card that makes this restaurant a preferred joint for food lovers is their dessert range. Two of the must have desserts here are Rasberry Delice and Chocolate Hazelnut Cake.

Yauatcha is the perfect option for fine-dining experience with family and friends. The restaurant offers high-end service. For a toddler or child, it can also provide customized food if needed. The pricing is quite steep labelling it as one of the most expensive eat-out options in the city.

The personal angle –

Yauatcha -Dessert
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Yauatcha was one of the first restaurants that we had visited with our toddler in the month of July of the last year. Their child friendly approach put us immediately at ease with the end result being an overall great dining experience.

Relish the pictures of delicious food until we meet one last time on Monday with the last letter of this series.

Author: Sonia Chatterjee

Who am I? An erstwhile banker turned blogger/writer/author. Any qualifications? A Post-Graduate degree in Chemistry followed by a second Post-Graduate Diploma in Management. I completed a one-year MFA in creative writing course from the Writer's Village University, U.S. in Dec 2020. Though I must admit that I am still trying to figure out how and when I can connect all these dots. Have I done any real work? If two years in market research, six years in banking as a branch head, three-plus years of blogging, writing, and publishing a book can be considered as real work, then yes! Where do I live? After spending life like a nomad for sixteen years in Delhi, Bangalore & Mysore, I am back to where it all started from - Kolkata. My favorite things - Books, coffee, travel, food, and my five-year-old son. What is this blog about? Through Sonia's musings, I intend to explore writing in various genres, create social awareness, spread laughter, and give words to emotions. Anything for readers? You can check out my book 'Deal of Death' on Amazon Kindle. If you like fast-paced thrillers, this Detective fiction introducing the woman sleuth, Raya Ray could turn out to be your perfect weekend read.

10 thoughts on “A dollop of Bengal – Yauatcha”

  1. Along with great delicacies on menu, the real thing that counts for frequent visits in a restaurant is the warmth in its atmosphere! Wonderful! Would love to visit sometime.


  2. It must be nice view from top . Good to know but I m still confused how to pronounce the name of the restaurant rightly


  3. What an amazing view from the restaurant. Thanks for sharing some of India with this South African! Nearly done! 2nd last letter of the alphabet in the 2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Y is for Yes!


  4. Have been to Yauatcha in Bangalore a few times. As you said, the chocolate hazelnut cake is just delightful. The best part is they have quite few veg options as well.


  5. Good one Sonia.. you really managed to find an off-beat one for Y ! And your love for Quest Mall continues 🙂 Haven’t been to this restaurant but will give it a try surely…


  6. I have been to Yauatcha in Bangalore. I like the food there … I’ve always opted for chocolate desserts. Will try the Raspberry one next time 🙂

    I hope to visit the City of Joy sometime soon. The Sundarbans are on my travel list, ever since I read the Hungry Tide. Hope to go there sometime soon.

    Yearning for a Boat Ride on Chilika Lake – Panthanivas, Satpada


  7. I love restaurants with a minimalist decor. So, Yauatcha does sound perfect. But, more than the decor, the chocolate hazelnut cake let me panting for more! 😛


  8. I’ve been to Yauatcha in Mumbai with my daughter and we enjoyed the food one gloomy grey monsoon afternoon. The food was outstanding as was the ambiance. Would love to go again but for the prohibitive prices and distance from home


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