J for Jordindian

I chanced upon the YouTube channel of Jordinidian when one of their videos came as a recommendation on a different comedy channel. Two friends, Nasser Azzeh from Jordan and Vineeth Kumar aka ‘Beep’ from India created this channel to showcase funny sketch comedy videos. They have a huge collection of hilarious videos in the categories of ‘Types of’ (savage dads, savage moms, friends, students, and many more). In the past couple of years, they also experimented with a couple of music videos, out of ‘smoke shisha, play Fifa’ anthem became a viral sensation.

Jordindian - Source Asianet newsable
Jordindian – Source: Asianet newsable

This channel has become my personal favorite because of the Bangalore connection. Having spent more than a decade in Karnataka (Bangalore and Mysore), their accent, observation of the happenings in the city and the South Indian culture feels familiar, relatable and on point. However, what makes them unique is that they exercise caution not to stereotype characters in their sketches. It is also commendable that their content is devoid of offensive and abusive language, making their videos a perfect watch for families.

This is the 10th post in the Blogchatter A2Z series under the theme ‘Laugh in the time of Corona’. I hope to see you on Monday when I reveal the name of the stand-up comedian getting featured in my post for ‘K’.

You can read all the posts in the series here. Have a great weekend filled with laughter that will begin once you click on the humorous video below.