Restaurant review – The Steak Factory, New Town, Kolkata

Barely at a walking distance of five minutes from our residence, the latest entrant in the New Town area this year is an outlet of the restaurant ‘The Steak Factory’. On a Friday afternoon in the middle of this month,while we were heading back home, it was an impromptu decision to visit this newly opened outlet for lunch. The place had average crowd in the afternoon and the experience turned out to be a delight for us.

The interiors and seating arrangement

Ambiance –

The outlet is located inside the oval lounge in DLF IT park, New Town. The place has a beautiful view of the streets from the glass window walls. Not to forget that the joint itself has a big visibility factor working in their favor. Just after entering The Oval lounge, one gets to witness multiple pictures  of musicians from various countries and era adorning the walls. The area is very spacious. The seating arrangement is a combination of comfortable sofas and chairs which are well spaced out. The place has a cozy feel about it. The lighting seemed average during the day. However, once the curtains were pulled, the place was illuminated enough. The place has an open bar counter with a functional television. Staffs serving the tables had a uniform with slight resemblance to cowboys. During weekdays, the crowd is mainly that from the corporate world and we couldn’t locate any other family lunching out on that Friday. Also, I wouldn’t call this place very kid friendly.

Pictures of musicians adorning the walls
The seating space and open bar counter

Food –

Since we were famishing , we decided to have a three course meal for lunch. We ordered Shirley Temple in the beverages. The drink was a mixture of juices on a lime soda base. It had a great taste. For starters, we decided to try out Crispy Fried Calamari which was basically squid batter fry accompanied with mayonnaise. Squids were fried just perfect golden brown and had a delicious taste. For the main course, we settled on the much popular Chicken Steak and Factory Grilled Fish. The plate of steak had parsley butter rice and french fries as accompaniments (as per choice of sides) and the steak came with a topping of poached egg and sauce. Special mention to the fried onion rings that enhanced the taste of this already wonderful dish. We had opted for rice and boiled veggies as sides for the plate of grilled fish which had the Basa fish cooked in factory special sauce and served with tartar sauce. The dish gets a big thumbs up from us on both the parameters of look and taste, We decided to end this gorgeous lunching experience with Tutti Fruity as dessert. It had ice-cream, cut fruits and strawberry sauce in the right proportion to make it a delectable item.

Crispy Fried Calamari
Chicken Steak

Service –

While offering the menu card, the staff attending to us informed that if we wanted to eat continental, we could choose from the menu of The Steak Factory while if we had our preferences for preferred Chinese or Indian dishes, the menu will be from The Oval Lounge. Since I’m not sure of the working relation between both the entities, I can only say that in case the ownership lies with two different parties, The Steak Factory need to train their staff in promoting their offerings more aggressively. Since we had decided to order only continental food, we asked for some recommendation. The answer from the staff was vague forcing us to choose from the menu instead. When we ordered dessert, we were informed that they have very limited range of available items since the kitchen was not yet fully functional. Despite these minor areas that need improvisation, I would say that the staffs were polite and courteous. They efficiently handled our orders and the service was prompt.

Shirley Temple
Tutti Fruity


The total bill for the items ordered came to one thousand four hundred and thirty-nine. Considering the quality, taste and quantity of the dishes, I would say that pricing is in moderate range.

Oval Lounge entrance
Factory Grilled Fish

Rating –

My rating across various parameters would be –

Ambiance – 4

Food – 4.5

Service – 3.5

Pricing – 4

Overall – 4

The outlet has a huge location advantage. If they can train the staff better and promote their offerings more frequently, this place has got the potential to be one of the most sought out option for food outings in this area.

Link to the review on TripAdvisor is

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