Restaurant review of Town Restaurant, Kolkata 

Town restaurant is located very near to Axis Mall. It is barely a five minute walk from the main gate of the mall. During one such overcrowded weekends at the mall, we decided to skip the option of dining at a mall restaurant and chose the nearest option of Town restaurant. Along with our toddler, we were two couples heading towards a new gastronomic adventure.

Despite it being a Saturday evening, the place was almost deserted initially barring a young couple at one of the tables. The restaurant is located on the first floor and they have a functional lift facility. On entering the restaurant, the poor lighting of the place creates a huge negative impact. Families are encouraged to occupy the air conditioned part of the restaurant situated farthest from the entrance, the portions separated by a door. We took up two tables in this area.

Ambiance – The lighting in the ac restaurant is totally blue. One can’t help but feel being at a cheap discotheque instead of a family eatery. While the lighting is sufficient to view the surroundings, the unnecessary heavily bluish lighting mars the environment of a otherwise decent place. Our then twenty month old son eventually grew quite uncomfortable in such an environment. The tables and chairs are just ordinary, nothing fancy. The restaurant is moderately spacious, so the tables are spread out a tad too near each other. During our stay, we heard a family complain multiple times about the dysfunctional ac. The restaurant really needs to work on fixing the overall lighting issues if it wants to draw customers.

Food – There’s nothing extraordinarily special about the food here. They serve decent Indian and Chinese dishes. On the day we visited, except for soft drinks, no other beverage was available. We decided on a full chinese course for dinner. Chicken lollipop was good, garlic prawns were decent, chicken fried rice was tasty, chicken chowmein was average and a little too oily, schezuan chicken was comparatively better and chili fish was marginally delicious. Not a single item was outstanding in terms of presentation or taste. Having said that, I must also mention that all the items were hygienic, properly cooked and tasted just about fine. The portions were more than sufficient for four adults. We ended up skipping desserts on a full tummy.

Service – We had two staffs serving us during the period. The first staff barely had any idea what to recommend to us. He kept referring the menu card to us. But he was polite and when my son kept pestering us for extra straws to play with, he happily obliged. The second guy was a little better at his job and suggested items worth trying. However, he was slightly on the arrogant side. Simple queries were answered quite rudely. They took a little longer than usual to serve the food.

Price – For the quality of food it serves, I would say it come across slightly overpriced. However, the portions served are decent. It would be better if it improvises the taste and quality of the items to match up to the price so that one feels that there’s value for money.

Overall, my rating across parameters would be –

Ambiance – 2.5

Food – 3.5

Service – 3

Price – 4

Overall – 3.3

All the parameters require a lot of attention if this place wants to survive in the long run. They have a fantastic location advantage. Hence, if they work on the decor and lighting, they can make the visit more appealing for customers. Also they need to brainstorm on introducing new items in the menu along with notching up the quality of food. Better training to staffs can go a long way in enhanced customer service. Only then can the restaurant match up to their peers and do good in the future.

Visited in June 2017 with friends and family

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Author: Sonia Chatterjee Banerjee

Welcome to my page. Here's a sneak peak into my life. Born in Bengal,my obsession with chemistry got me seeking admission into the prestigious Presidency College, Kolkata followed by a masters degree from Delhi University. Loathing monotony in the field of research, I joined the corporate world in Bangalore. Two years later ,I ended up at a Business school to pursue MBA. Campus recruitment landed me a Branch Manager's profile with a top private sector bank, despite having studied nil finance papers in my specialization. Five years of Mysore life saw me switching banks and I moved back to Bangalore to head yet another bank branch. Always aspiring to be my own boss, an extended maternity break drove me to finally get back to my passion of writing. Sonia's musings is an attempt let out pent-up emotions through words hoping to resonate with the emotions of my readers in the journey. Married to a doctor, there are four things that I am crazy about - books, food, travel and my two plus year old ubercute son - in no particular order though.

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