Favorite Indian Detectives – Mehrunisa Khosa by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Who –

Mehrunisa Khosa

Creator –

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Novels in the series –

The Taj Conspiracy

The Hunt for Kohinoor

About the detective –

The Taj conspiracy by author Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
The Taj Conspiracy by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Mehrunisa, created from the author’s research on the Mughal history and renaissance art is a Mughal scholar researching Indo-Persian linkages. Born to a Punjabi father (Harinder Singh Khosa -an undercover spy) and a Persian mother, her half Sikh-half muslim NRI status often evokes great curiosity among her countrymen. She often spends her time at the house of her Godfather, a highly reputed historian, the 70-year-old Professor Kaul in Delhi. It was while assisting Prof. Kaul for a project on the heritage monument Taj Mahal that Mehrunissa eventually discovers what the Taj Mahal is meant to depict. In the second book, The Hunt for Kohinoor, her journey becomes more personal as she chases a deadline of 96 hours while also encountering some startling discoveries from her past.

Mehrusina has become a much more relevant character in today’s world where communal agendas seem to erode humanity every single day. Quoting the author from one of her interviews, “I wrote The Taj Conspiracy, Book 1 of the Mehrunisa trilogy, to rescue Taj Mahal from ignorant guides and benighted rumors and show it for what it really is — as the color white contains all colors within it, this monument of white comprises multiple, diverse threads of a pluralistic India. I created Mehrunisa as a human metaphor for the Taj — strong yet vulnerable and of mixed heritage.”  The plot of the novels has a mix of history and politics set against the backdrop of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

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