Give me a chance to make your dreams come true

The stage had been dismantled. Samar sat on the opposite ground looking at the words “No entry” painted on the artificial steps. Few lights needed to be fixed.

Photo courtesy - Yarnspinner
Photo courtesy – Yarnspinnerr

His wife Suhani loved theatre. She had built a troupe. As Samar got busy with his job, she put her heart and soul into her craft.

Samar wasn’t even aware that the group had been performing to empty rows for a while. Unable to bear the burden of public rejection any longer, she slashed her wrists one afternoon. Samar had never known how depression had overshadowed Suhani’s life.

As Samar learned to accept the reality, he took charge of her dream. Pulling in all his savings, he got few creative heads on board while personally handling promotions and finances.

After months of hard work, their show had opened to a full house last night. Tickets had been sold out for the whole week.

Samar lamented, “If only you had given life a second chance Suhani, you could have been here today to witness your dreams coming true.”

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This post is written for the 179th picture prompt in Friday Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The challenge is to write a piece of fiction within 100-175 words based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting this challenge.