I for Gupta J(I) aka Appurv Gupta

Appurv Gupta is more famous as the indomitable Gupta J(I) in the comedy circuit. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon his YouTube channel that had a host of his rib-tickling stand-up videos. The content felt relatable because he spoke about the corporate world and his life experiences in the funniest possible way. In 2014, CNN IBN had lauded him as one of the top 20 Best stand-up comedians to look out for. With time, he has matured as a comedian with his content getting better, making him a widely popular choice as a national level performer. Yet what makes him unique is that he is unabashedly comfortable cracking self-deprecating jokes. The way Appurv Gupta has re-branded himself as Gupta Ji to become one of the most sought out stand-up comedians in the country deserves to be analyzed as a B-school case study.

Appurv Gupta - source dfordelhi.in
Appurv Gupta – source: dfordelhi.in

In India, we see only a handful of comedians interact with a live audience with elan and humor. Gupta Ji has aced this game by sticking to inoffensive humor. Also, a special mention to the series of brilliant interviews he showcased on his channel including the iconic Padma Shri Professor Dr. H.C. Verma and Mathematician Dr. R.D. Sharma.

This is the 9th post in the Blogchatter A2Z series under the theme ‘Laugh in the time of Corona’. Stay tuned to know the name of the content creator getting featured in my post for J tomorrow.

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