Favorite Indian Detectives – Inspector Gowda by Anita Nair

Who –

Inspector Gowda

Creator –

Anita Nair

Novels in the series –

Cut Like Wound

Chain of Custody

About the detective –

Inspector Borei Gowda, more popularly known as Inspector Gowda (also referred to as B report Gowda by some peers and subordinates) is a resident of Greenview Residency, Bangalore. Presently posted at Bowring Hospital Station, his record of numerous transfers and delayed promotions is the result of having irked quite a few men in power. His medico wife Mamtha has taken a transfer to Hasan after their son Roshan has his MBBS course there. Riding a Royal Enfield bullet, Gowda leads a group of policemen named PC Byrappa, Gajendra and the new SI Santosh Gowda in the first novel ‘Cut like Wound.’ As the story unfolds, we are drawn into a world of crime, transgenders, sexual abuse while Gowda and his men try to unravel the layers of lies that can lead to the truth beneath. During this troublesome period where Gowda finds himself alienated from his wife and son, he reunites with his ex-flame from college, a child rights activist by profession, Urmila.

Cut Like Wound by Anita Nair
Cut Like Wound by Anita Nair

In the second book by the author, we see a feisty officer named Ratna join Gowda’s team. ‘Chain of custody’ has a complicated plot where Gowda, whose marital life seems to be in shambles is out to bust a child trafficking racquet. As a reader, it was quite difficult to not feel the pain of these innocent souls kidnapped or sold to the brothels. The story takes us to the darker lanes of the city where children have been ripped off their innocence and scarred for life. Extensive research and fieldwork have gone into writing this book which also has intricate details of the functioning of the police force. The book hits hard by questioning the collective conscience of society towards one of the worst kinds of crime.

Inspector Gowda is not really one of the refined or suave sleuths in literature. What we can visualize is a brave and intelligent man in charge of the law and order, despite his set of flaws. He drinks beyond his capacity, is easily angered and gets into a complicated relationship beyond marriage. The grey shades of the character make him quite human and his struggles to fight his inner demons seem quite real. As a reader, we also get to enjoy the ride of the ‘Garden City’ through the words of the author’s eyes.

My bookish connection –

After reading Anita Nair’s ‘Lessons in Forgetting’, I had read most of her books. ‘Cut like Wound’ released in 2012 when I was posted in Mysore. Having relocated from Bangalore a year before, I had been missing the city which had become my second home. I picked up the book, confident of the author’s ability to weave magic. And it surely lived up to the expectation because of the relatable characters and gripping premises on which the novel was set. However, in my opinion, the protagonist of the Gowda series will always be the city of Bangalore. Having lived in Karnataka for 12 years, out of which 7+ years were spent in Bangalore, Nair’s books make me feel severely nostalgic. More than the suspense and mystery elements, the locations, lanes, and festivals mentioned in her books bring out the true essence of the city. And that is why Gowda series will always stay close to my heart.

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This is the 5th post in my ‘Favorite Indian Detectives’ series. You can also check my first post on Feluda, the second post on Mehrunisa, the third post on Vish Puri and the fourth post on Byomkesh

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Author: Sonia Chatterjee

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49 thoughts on “Favorite Indian Detectives – Inspector Gowda by Anita Nair”

    1. Hey Sonia, it feels nice to be back reading your series about Indian detectives. Though i haven’t read the “Gowda” series but the way you have described it, i may end up buying it 🙂
      I definitely relate to the “nostalgia” bit that you mentioned while reading one of the books in “Gowda” series . There are certain books which just take us back to the days of yore and we, sort of, start revisiting those times. It’s always a treat reading your post 🙂


  1. I have been following your posts for Alexa and really liked your choice of topic – unique and interesting. I’m myself not a big fan of detective series but enjoyed your perspective. Your passion and love for them came across through your words.

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  2. I have read her (probably the only one of the 8 detectives I am likely to have!) … and yes, the research gone into the books is really good. Loved this series.


  3. Thoroughly intriguing character and book series! Your detective series is simply great, introducing us to newer characters every time. Anita Nair is on my TBR. Cut like wound, seems really interesting


  4. For someone who only knew Byomesh Bakshi as the face of Indian detective, you have a good list of recommendations. I have read Anita Nair’s children book Muezza and Baby Jaan. Her crime fiction works are yet to explore by me and here I got these wonderful reviews. My TBR list is growing.


  5. Sounds interesting. The wonderful review written in a very interesting way and making me get a copy and read them. Awesome work, Sonia!


  6. Now Now

    If Sonia Mam describes it so magically

    How can i stop myself reading these

    Awesome as always mam

    अपना शिष्य बना लो ना मुझे


  7. I keep waiting for that bit called My Bookish Connection. It adds that personal touch Sonia and it’s always interesting to hear of your connection with every detective..😉😉


  8. These sound very interesting. Moreover, the way you have described them, I feel like reading them right away! #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads


  9. Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair was one of the first books that I read (when proper book reading began) but never went back to her. At one point wanted to read Mistress, though now Inspector Gowda series seems interesting. Let’s see if I can catch up! Love reading your posts…eagerly awaiting the next one!!


  10. Gowda seems to be very different from the sanskari detectives we run into quite often. A person who drinks, swears and has several shades of grey in him. You make him sound very interesting. Will definitely read the books soon.


  11. Next time I am in Kolkata I am definitely meeting you. Loved the way your have reviewed the book and brought the character of Gowda to life . Can totally understand why he is number 5. I love Detective tv series but haven’t tried books yet. Your blog sounds like good place to look for book suggestions. #damurureads #myfriendalexa damurucreations.com


  12. Honestly Sonia, I do not know much about Indian detectives except few popular names..glad you are come up with this great idea for alexa..will get a chance to learn something new from you. as ususal great write up. #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa


  13. Seems to be a thrilling story. I haven’t read many of the detective series yet, but your recommendations in this series are brilliant reads.


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