Mesmerized by the beauty of nature

My son has been traveling since he was 1.5 months old. We have taken him to various beach destinations. But I have always loved mountains a little more than the sea. Last October, after he turned two, my husband and I came up with the idea of a vacation to Shillong and Cherrapunji. Our memorable stay at Ri Kynjai resort, opposite Umiam Lake was followed up by the experience of walking among the clouds in Cherrapunji. The boy loved everything about the trip.

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This picture was taken on the way during our road trip from Shillong to Cherrapunji. The windswept Kansh grass caught my attention. I stopped the car and walked outside to get soaked in the beauty of nature. A small house surrounded by hills and slopes was a soothing sight. I stood transfixed for a while before capturing this moment through my lens. This picture is no less than frozen memories of witnessing nature’s beauty at its best for me.

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This is the sixth post (nonfiction) written as part of the #MyfriendAlexa campaign on the theme ‘Shades of Perception’. You can read the fourth flash fiction around this picture prompt here and the fifth one here. For the first three posts, you can click here.

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Author: Sonia Chatterjee

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43 thoughts on “Mesmerized by the beauty of nature”

  1. I can imagine how the moving grasses must have transfixed you . Even through this tiny image I could feel the movement of the grass and feel the vastness of space that is so awe inspiring. I’ve always wanted to go to Cherapunji having learnt about it getting the highest rainfall and all. But I always thought it was in Bangladesh. Isn’t it ?

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    1. Cherrapunji is in Meghalaya. This grass called Kansh grass has a special significance in a Bengalis life. On the onset of Durga Puja season, you will find stretches of this grass across Bengal. It is as if they signify that Ma Durga is due to arrive any time soon. I couldn’t belive a route towards the extreme North East part of my country could evoke similar feelings in me.


  2. I can only imagine how the first trip to Cherrapunjee and Shillong must have mesmerized you. It was the same story this side. I am unapologetically in love with Meghalaya. This of course is because I have lived in Guwahati all my life and Shillong was always our summer retreat.

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  3. North East is the only part of India which I could not touch yet and I am so amused to read various blogs and see the pictures of this beauty that I wish to visit it someday. I love the colors popping up in your pic. Grey clouds, green, brown grass with a touch of white.

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  4. North East India is beautiful. The scenic beauty is different from rest of India. Green forest, mighty rivers, rolling hills it is ever so enchanting. Thank you for capturing in your camera and by your pen.

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  5. That image actually talks Sonia. I felt as if I was teletransported to these wind swept grass, mountains, clouds and that beautiful tiny cottage. As a child I had dreams of living in a small cottage up on the hill, as adults we forget tiny can be beautiful too. Lovely image and beautiful memories of it.

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  6. Shillong has been on my bucket list for some time now. Your post makes me want to book my tickets right away. And its so nice that you have been traveeling with your little one from so early in his life. Its a good thing for the kid too. They become very travel savy very quick.

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  7. What a beautiful picture…and so nice to know you little one enjoyed this trip. I have never visited this part of India and your post makes me want to plan a trip soon.

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      1. I am pretty sure i will. I already am btw, just looking at the gorgeous pictures. Yes, someday soon… And I will gladly take your offer in enlisting your help when i do. Thank you so much.


  8. I experienced your travels through your words. So very heart-warming to hear a baby who loves to travel as much as their parents do. I guess it is all about getting them used to things. Kids are very pliable and can be conditioned to imbibe such wonderful qualities. It is such a great thing that you have inculcated a sense of joy in him for travelling, at such a tender age.

    I can imagine how it would have been to gaze at the beauty of the nimbus clouds and the verdant grasslands. Though I do wish your picture was a tad bigger, then it would have captured the essence even better. But having said, that I feel your words do more than justice to this experience, Sonia.

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #WordlessWednesday.

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  9. Kashe’r phool!! I am seeing this after such a long time. Thanks for sharing this pic. I had visited Shillong when I was in Class 10. Have such beautiful memories.


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