Restaurant review – 6,Ballygunge Place, Salt Lake, Kolkata 

6,Ballygunge Place or 6,BP as it is popularly known as was the first ever Bengali restaurant that I had dined at in Bangalore. But that was more than a decade ago. Ever since, I have been wanting to try out their outlets in Kolkata. Having eaten at both their Ballygunge and Salt Lake, Sector 1 outlets, I narrow down my choice to the later as a personal favorite.

Last Friday, we decided to lunch at their Salt Lake outlet. While they had an ongoing elaborate buffet on the first floor, we decided to go the Ala Carta way. Due to an unavoidable situation back home, we had to parcel the dishes and managed to savor the desserts only at the restaurant.

Pic 1 – The entrance

Ambiance – The restaurant has highly pleasing decor. It is beautifully and tastefully done and is quite soothing to the eye. The lighting is just perfect. The staircase walls leading to the first floor is decorated with frames of yesteryear’s actors and movies. The seating arrangement in both the floors is well spaced out with comfortable seats. The cutlery used has their brand engraved and evokes a feel good factor about it. There’s a mixed crowd that can be found here. While majority of the customers come with their families, occasionally a group of friends can be sighted. On a weekday, during lunch hours, it is quite common to see office crowd here.

Pic 2 – The decor
Pic 3 – The brand engraved cutlery
Pic 4 – The staircase to first floor
Pic 5 – The seating arrangements

Food – Food is perfect for anyone wishing to try out authentic Bengali dishes. One can always start with their signature aamporar sorbet though it might not be always available. For starters, I have always been a fan of their Bengali fish fry and this time was no different. For the main course, we ordered Kaju Kismis pulao along with chitol macher muitha and mutton bhuna masala. Pulao was awesome, muitha was heavenly and mutton was well cooked and tasty. We ended the meal with their specialities baked Sandesh and nolen gurer ice cream. Both were delicious. In the past, I have also tried out their luchi, begun bhaja, moog dal, aloo bhaja, mochar ghonto, bhapa ilish, tel koi and chicken dhaniya. The restaurant is reputed for the fish items and indeed that they have an upper edge over chicken and mutton dishes in terms of  variation, taste and flavor. All the food items are hygienic and well cooked.

Pic 6 – The Bengali Fish Fry
Pic 7 – The Kaju Kismis Pulao


Pic 8 – The Mutton Bhuna Masala

Pic 9 – The Chitol Macher Muitha

Service – Right from the security guard at the entrance to the staff catering to the guests at the table to the manager, everyone is extremely polite, warm and courteous. They make a customer feel comfortable. I have seen many a non bengali customer visit this place. They are taken through the menu with appropriate translations to guide them about the exact nature of the dishes before helping them choose one. Service is very prompt and on time.

Pic 10 – The Baked Sandesh

Price – Pricing is definitely a little on the higher side. This feeling is stronger when one orders the regular items like luchi, bhaja, chutney. However, the quality and quantity served justifies value for money. The portions served are more than enough for two people. The combination of a classy environment, efficient service and fabulous food is in accordance with the pricing of the place.

Pic 11 – The Nolen Gur Ice cream

My rating across parameters would be –

Ambiance – 5

Food – 4.5

Service – 4.5

Pricing – 4

Overall – 4.5

This place can indeed boast of having achieved the perfect balance across all the parameters. My only recommendation to the management would be to refocus on the meat options, to introduce more variation and range in chicken /mutton dishes and work towards making these items tastier. In my opinion, 6,BP is a must visit place for anyone willing to try out yummylicious bengali food with friends and family.

Visited – November 2017 as couple.

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