The Versatile Blogger Award

After the Blogger Appreciation Award, it came as a pleasant surprise when a fellow blogger The Average Aspirant nominated me for this award. I feel humbled. Please check out her blog – she has amazing motivational posts along with some very interesting reads.

Thank you. Pic courtesy –

The rule for this award is as follows –

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award 

Listing down 7 facts about me –

  1. I started writing as a way to cope up with mother’s loss in 2011. However the blog was created only in Sep 2017 as a tribute to my late mother and as a birthday gift to my toddler.
  2. I get bored with situations and people easily. So unless my work is challenging enough or people are interesting enough, I lose interest quite soon.
  3. I am basically an introvert whose circle of close friends is really very small.
  4. I love formal education. I hold two post-graduate degrees and I intend to get myself enrolled in few more courses soon.
  5. I am a caffeine junkie. I can survive on coffee for days together and I have stopped counting the number of cups I end up consuming every day.
  6. There’s nothing more that I detest than waking up in the morning. I have been a night owl throughout my life.
  7. I have never lied to my father except that one time when I had ended up getting 5 out of 20 in a Maths class test in standard 4. The major credit for my responsible behavior during growing up years is attributed to his unshakable faith in me.

Since ‘interesting’ is more a matter of perception, I hope you enjoyed reading the above.

Here’s 15 people who I feel deserve to be nominated for this award.

  1. Maya Bhat
  2. A Guy called Bloke
  3. Annie
  4. Ken
  5. Madekesiworld
  6. Kelly
  7. Veidehi Gite
  8. Moosmosis
  9. Sharonchy
  10. Holly B
  11. Find Shars
  12. The Nomadic Architect
  13. Enni
  14. Kally
  15. Messy mapmaker

Congratulations to all the winners!


Author: Sonia Chatterjee

Who am I? An Ex-Banker turned Blogger/Writer/Solopreneur. Any qualifications? A Postgraduate degree in Chemistry followed by Post Graduate Diploma in Management. I am still trying to figure out how and when I can connect all these dots to what I do presently. Have I done any real work? If two years in Market Research and six years in Banking (three different Banks though) as Branch Head can be considered as real work. Where do I live? After a nomadic sixteen years in Delhi, Bangalore & Mysore, I am back to where it all started from - Kolkata. My favorite things - Food, travel, books and my three and half-year-old toddler son What is this blog about? Sonia's musings is an attempt to channelize emotions through words and pictures hoping they touch a chord with my visitors.

16 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Thank you for nominating our youth education site, Sonia!! 🙂 That means alot to us! Your musings are inspiring, and we look forward to embarking on a great explorative journey with you.


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